Life Coach

The majority of people have no idea what life coaches do.
Not only that, but they have no idea what kind of person would
hire a life coach.
So, here’s some types of people who could use some coaching.

● You are stuck in a rut or in a decision.
● You are lost and are living in a routine.
● You are unhappy, you need a change or to change.
● You are happy and wondering what else you can achieve.

What does a life coach do?


● Get crystal clear on what you really want in your life
● Uncover what’s holding you back from achieving your vision for yourself
● Take action steps to achieve your vision by supporting you and keeping
you accountable gets you moving forward
● Support you in taking action
● Keep you accountable
● Ask you a lot of questions
● Helps you find your own answers
● Challenge you
● Give you permission to follow your dreams
● Teach you how to make the right decisions for yourself
● Give you the tools you need to reach your goal
● Allow you to stay true to yourself in the face of challenges
● Discover the changes that you really want to make
● Move through any blocks or obstacles
● Navigate your path into the unknown future
● Consider alternative approaches

They do NOT:

● Just give you advice and tell you what to do
● Tell you what they want you to do
● Act as a therapist