Osho Zen – An Enlightenment

I was always under the understanding that all tarot was, was just another form of fortune telling. Like crystal balls, just a load of balls. Apparently I was wrong.

My life coach used Osho Zen Tarot and she explained to me that she did not tell fortunes per se. She used them to show paths and possibilities, a subtle difference.

She was always, constantly, extremely accurate in her interpretations over the years, with everyone. So much so that I began to see there was more to this than I understood. As such, this intrigued me and led me to look a little deeper.

Now this for a natural sceptic such as I, was indeed a great leap.

First of all:

It is often proven that the majority of fortune tellers are really just circus side shows. There are those who hold a greater esteem as they have a higher hit rate, so to speak.

There have been studies that say it is all down to the power of suggestion. If we believe strongly enough then subconsciously we will make it happen. Now I can understand and believe that for certain aspects but not for all.

I began using the Osho Zen cards as a sort of experiment with clients and friends, the more I used them, the more I found them to be incredibly accurate.  How was it possible for this to be.

I do not profess to be a psychic though I have always been intuitive, why, I have never been to explain, it has always been like a sixth sense, although it has been clouded at times.

Nonetheless! I do not have any definitive answer, maybe it is that through age and experience comes a little wisdom in keeping ones mind open to many other possibilities.

One thing I do believe, is that the power of Zen is more than it seems.



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