“Time to change your mindset.”

When I was in the third year at school, I was well on the way to flunking maths, nothing to do with my level of intelligence, I was flunking because I found it boring.

Fortunately, I had a good maths teacher who was also our deputy head who actually cared about his pupils.

One day after class he held me back to discuss why I was flunking out. When he found out that it was because I found it boring he began to question what I did like.

When he found that I loved reading and mainly murder mystery, he told me to try and look at a maths problem as a detective solving a crime. Turn it into a game.

I passed maths with flying colours and when I applied the same principle to other lessons and aspects I found that I was succeeding more than not.

Changing my mindset, how I viewed maths made it more enjoyable and easier to achieve good results.

This change of mindset can be applied to many aspects of life.

Don’t just look at tomorrow as another day, or the next thing you have to do as another chore.

It is an adventure filled with possibilities.


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