You Have The Answer!

This is very true of us. We are stuck into inactivity because we feel we are not sure which direction to take, or are just scared to take the right actions.Have you ever wanted to ask a question but you didn't want to know the answer

How many times have you thought, on past actions, that you knew you should have done it differently, instead, you took a path, either because of bad advise, or the direction you took was the easiest and you did not follow your gut instincts.

Many times we know what the right answer to our question is, but we discard it because it is, to painful, to difficult, not the right time, someone will disapprove etc etc.

The truth is that, if we are not going to face the truth and accept the right answers, the difficult answers and act on them, then we will always be held back and end up in bad or worse situations.

We will end up in a perpetual downward spiral.

It is not easy to face these realities and sometimes we need help, a sounding board, someone who will help you to face the difficult answers and act on them.

This is where a Life Coach like myself can be an invaluable help. Help you to realise that you do really have the answer and accept the path you need to take to make it happen.

Do not forget a path can take many steps, it is not just one stride.

I will leave you with the following memeQuote and when you decide you could benefit from a Life Coach contact me.

I am here to help you.




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