Words Hurt

Many times we say things in anger and some times in sarcasm or jest thinking it funny.

But sometimes the words that we utter can cut deeper than a knife.

Childrenwords_hurt_by_lissy1605-d4ul0tv are most vulnerable, tell a child he is stupid enough times and eventually he will believe it and it can affect the rest of their lives.

Adults can be just as vulnerable.

Fortunately I consider myself thick skinned, but I was not always this way, I, through life, have learned not to let words affect me, well most of the time.

I can be as sarcastic as many and maybe more than most. But I have learned to think before uttering my words and consider the person I am aiming my sarcasm at.

I know some enjoy a sarcastic banter, they mean nothing personal, but a sarcastic comment or verbal joke aimed at someone who is at that moment feeling vulnerable can and often does do damage.

We may not see the damage or the effect we have with our words, but that does not lessen the destructive impact any less.

What has brought me to write this particular blog?

Well! I was with a group of very good friends the other day. One of them has a tendency to be sarcastic with his jokes directed at us, believe me he gets back as good as he gives if not more at times. We know with these banters there is no harm intended, however the other day he directed a comment that on the surface seemed no worse than any of the other comments, but the effect was rather devastating to the individual on the receiving end.

They took the joke and even retorted, however it was a comment that had hit a raw nerve.

At the time I thought they took it well, knowing their feelings. It was not until later that night when we talked that the true impact surfaced.

The “joke” had hit, on what I know was unknown to whom made the comment, a phobia of great concern and worry.

Happily, the next day they had a private word to explain why the comment hurt so much and apologies were given and accepted, but words once said can not be unsaid, an apology can be given and accepted but the damage is never undone so simply.

The moral I am trying to convey is that, we do not always know what is going on in someone’s life, even if they are family or good friends.

We need to be mindful with how we use our words.



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