Why Me?

What qualifies me to be a Life Coach?


I could list my qualifications like a MBA and Ph.D. in Psychology, but to be honest,
I believe that what is more important is that I have been there and done that.

I have real life experience. I have been where you are now and I had a Life Coach to
help me see the way forward.

An other plus is. I listen and not just hear. Listening is a skill. Many people hear what others say without really understanding, but listening is the ability to accurately hear and interpret what others are saying.

The other and also one of the main qualifications is: I Want To Help!

I am not a magician who can wave a wand and make your problems and worries disappear, or make your decision easy.

Also I am not here to judge.

My aim is for you to realise the answers to the questions and give you the support and
belief in yourself to act and move forward with confidence.

I know what you are asking. How much is this going to cost and what if he just can’t help me or worse.

It is going to cost you nothing you do not want to pay.

I understand that some people just can not afford to pay but still need life coaching. So!
I rely on donations, you pay as much or as little, or in fact nothing if you can’t afford it.

And on a final note to this, is the question and answer of confidentiality.

Everything we discuss is strictly between you and I. Trust is paramount.